How it works

No media, only data. EDL tools only transfers EDL and text data.
We made sure that no media ever passes through EDL tool’s servers. You don’t have to worry about unauthorized third-party interferences.

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When viewing a new edit, it can be difficult to tell which shots are actually omitted or if the shot markers have just been erased.
With Comparator, reviewing the VFX edits is made more simple and accurate.  It will provide you with a transparent shotlist that you can easily check against the cut.

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Stay ahead of the curve.
With software that structures the information, you can track VFX picture edits easier.
RealSync provides simple-to-read shot breakdowns for all VFX shot revisions in an edit. You will get real-world solutions at your fingertips.

Take the next step to optimize your VFX workflow.

Your shot list can be used in ways you never imagined.  Check out the possibilities with our game-changing apps.