Instantly track VFX changes across picture edits.

Our patented apps work with your EDLs and shot markers, so you’ll know every revision in minutes.

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Creating a powerful visual effects sequence requires a reliable track record of the work done.

The Comparator app will utilize your shot markers to quickly assess when shots have been added or deleted to an edit. It will also spot duplicate shot names for dupe detection.

The real deal. RealSync

RealSync is a post-production reconform tool, designed to assist VFX teams stay on top of picture changes. By comparing the EDL data from an edit timeline, RealSync lets you know what changes have occurred to the VFX shots, down to the exact frame.

Our patented RealSync app is everything your team needs to take VFX edit tracking to the next level.

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Take the next step to optimize your VFX workflow.

Your shot list can be used in ways you never imagined. Check out the possibilites with our game-changing apps.