Frequently asked questions

We gathered the most asked questions from our customers and collected them here. If you don’t find the answer, send us a message here

How does Comparator work?

Comparator is an app that uses .txt files from Avid markers to compare and note new or omitted VFX shots.

How does RealSync work?

RealSync is our patented app which uses algorithms and code to breakdown a proper VFX change list based on .edl files.

Why does the report file say slate added for so many shots?

Staying consistent on the number of tracks to export is an important part of creating edls for RealSync. For example, if you have been exporting tracks v1 thru v4 and on the next export you output v1 thru v5 with new submissions of shots on v5 – RealSync will pick those new slates up as new slates added.

Why did some of the vfx shot changes not show up in the report?

Be sure to “Commit Multicam Edits” to the sequence that you are creating the edl from. Right click the sequence and the option to Commit Multicam Edits appears.

Why did a comp that is using the same clip for both plates (i.e. v1 and v2) show edit changes when there isn't one?

When two clips of the same take are used to make a split screen comp on two different video tracks, the .edl can vary the tracks per output. Our app will read the in and out point of one clip and compare it to the second clip. This occurs when outputting edls for multiple tracks.

What does extended rule 2 mean?

Extended rule 2 was set up to catch anomalies in an edit. For example, when an Editor places a new take on top of an old shot and it fits the in and out points – it will note that 1 Slate has been added. However, when an Editor places a new take on top of an old shot and extends either the head or tail from the old in and out point, extended rule 2 will pick it up.

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